Blank Text

Copy and paste Blank Text which is generated using Blank Character that represent an empty area. They occupy space but are not visible. Such Unicode characters are also known as Whitespace/Empty or Invisible characters.

This website contains different Blank space Unicode Characters.

Blank Text Generator

This Blank text generator tool lets you choose the number of invisible characters and generate that for you. You can generate any number of characters and afterward, you will be able to copy empty text.

This tool utilizes the Hangul Filler Unicode character. Other text tools such as the cursive generator also use different Unicode characters to generate cool text.

Blank Character

(Hangul Filler character -> Unicode U+3164, HTML &#12644)

It is classified as a letter although displayed as an empty space. This invisible character can also be used to send a Blank Message on Whatsapp. When pasted alone it appears as empty text.

Blank text can serve the purpose of creating visual breaks or spacing within a document or webpage. While designing websites, presentations, print material, templates, or form documents you can use these characters as a placeholder for information that will be filled later.

In certain programming and markup languages, whitespaces can enhance code readability by separating code blocks. Invisible characters can indicate hidden sensitive information or removed content. Though initially unassuming, blank characters have practical applications.

Empty Characters Table

Below is the Table of some Empty Unicode Characters. Click or tap on the characters to copy.

Name Unicode HTML Char
Space U+0020   [ ]
No-Break Space U+00A0  


[ ]
Zero Width Space U+200B ​ []
EN Space U+2002  


EM Space U+2003  


Three-Per-Em Space U+2004  


Four-Per-Em Space U+2005  


Six-Per-Em Space U+2006   []
Figure Space U+2007  


Punctuation Space U+2008  


Thin Space U+2009  


Hair Space U+200A  


Narrow No-Break Space U+202F   []
Medium Mathematical Space U+205F   []
Ideographic Space U+3000   [ ]
Left-To-Right Mark U+200E ‎


Right-To-Left Mark U+200F ‏



About Blank Text

Blank Text (Invisible Text) is made of an empty Unicode character (Hangul Filler) that is not visible yet occupy space like other characters. Such characters are usually known as Whitespace characters. The most common Blank character is Space ( ) that you can generate using the space bar button. There are different types of these characters depending on your use. For instance, to add a little space between the characters you can use hair space. Adding an invisible character solely to a text field will result in an empty or blank text.

This is the Featured Image of this website's Blank Text page. A Blank character in brackets and Blank Text is written on Image

At, you can find and copy different Blank space characters. We are also addressing the White Space characters as Blank, Invisible or Empty characters at different places. They have these names because you only see an invisible space as you paste these characters between any two visible characters.

How to copy Empty Text?

The steps are super easy.

  1. First of all, click the copy button near the blank character or generate & copy blank text using the Invisible Text Generator from the top.
  2. Afterward, you can paste that character and it's all done.

Below we will discuss some of these characters that might help you in your writing.

Hangul Filler character

This Unicode character is classified as a letter although it is displayed as a blank space. You can find more about it in the Non-space blanks section. We tried It on WhatsApp and as a result blank message was sent. You will see only an empty text message without any visible characters.

Zero Width Space

The zero-width space character does not indicate a visible separation. Without hyphenating a word zero-width space can break it to a new line.

Without visible space between two words, this character shows the end of one word and the start of another.


Space is the common character that is usually present in between two words. This is the same character that is generated by pressing the space bar.

No-Break Space

No-Break space (NBSP) adds a space between two words without breaking the line.

En Space & Em Space

En is the width of the capital alphabet “N”. It is equal to half of the width of the em.

On the other hand, Em space is equal to the width of capital “M”. It is equivalent to the currently specified font size.

Three-per-em & Four-per-em Space

Three-per-em is also known as Thick space. It is one-third of an em.

Four-per-em is also known as Mid space. It is one-fourth of an em.

Six-per-em Space

It is one-sixth of an em. Use it to add a little space between the two characters. It is similar to the Thin space.

Figure Space

Its width is equal to the size of a digit. It is preferably used in numerals.

Punctuation Space

Its size is equal to the width of a period. To add whitespace before a punctuation mark, punctuation space can be utilized.

Thin Space

Just like its name this space is thin. It is one-fifth or can be one-sixth of an em.

Hair Space

The width of the hair space is even smaller than the thin space. It can be used to place a little blank space between two characters.

Narrow No-Break Space

It works alike No-Break Space.

Medium Mathematical Space

Medium Mathematical Space(MMSP) is used in Mathematical formulas.

Ideographic Space

CJK characters use the Ideographic Space.

For more information visit Whitespace character – Wikipedia

QnA related to Blank Text & Empty Characters

Below are answers to some questions related to Empty text & characters:

How to send a Empty Text or Blank Message on WhatsApp?

To send a Blank or an Empty text message on WhatsApp copy a single Hangul Filler character or generate a number of them using the blank text generator from above. Afterward, paste it as a message on WhatsApp and send it. There is no need for you to use a third-party service. You will be sending the invisible character which is like a blank space.

A preview of the blank text message is given below:

Preview of Blank Text Message on WhatsApp

What is an Invisible Character?

An invisible character is a Unicode character that is not visible instead you see an empty space. These characters are usually called Whitespace characters as they are Blank Spaces. Just like the Horizontal space created using the Space Bar button.

How to type Blank Text?

To type an Invisible character using your keyboard you can use the Alt codes. Out of all the empty characters above only Space U+0020 (Alt 32) and No-Break Space U+00A0 (Alt 255) has an alt code. They have their own uses but in most cases, you won't be able to input invisible text using them.

Hold down the left Alt key from your keyboard and type the code, for instance to type a No-Break space character type 255.

The character will only appear if you have used the Numpad and not the numbers that at the top of keyboard. Also, make sure to turn on you Numlock.

An easy alternative is to copy invisible characters from above.

How to insert Whitespaces in HTML?

To add a blank character in HTML use HTML character entities. Along with each Unicode space character on this website, HTML entities are also given. Copy the entity of the character you want and paste it into an HTML page.

For instance, to add a Punctuation Space (U+2008) into your HTML page you can use an HTML code(decimal), HEX code, or HTML entity(named).

Example: Punctuation  Space will result in Punctuation Space

What purposes can we use Blank Characters for?

You can utilize the invisible characters for useful purposes such as using a Punctuation Space as well as for fun purposes like Sending an empty message or blank post on Facebook. There are different Whitespace characters available that you can use according to your needs. Use them as long as you are not violating any laws, policies, etc.

Are there visible characters too to represent some whitespace characters?

Yes, there are some visible Unicode characters that can be used in places where a visible whitespace symbol is required. On this website, you will only find Invisible spaces as it is specially made for Blank characters. For visible space, characters visit Unicode visible space characters.

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