Space (U+0020)

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Space is a Unicode character that is usually present in between two words. This is the same character that you generate by pressing the space bar.


Unicode U+0020
HTML Code  
HEX Code  
CSS Code \0020
Alt Code 32

To type the Space character using your keyboard you can utilize the Alt Code. Simply hold down the left Alt key on your keyboard and type the number 32. After typing release the Alt key. Please note that you must type the code from the Numpad and not from the numbers that are at top. Also, make sure that your numlock is on.

If you don't have Numpad on your keyboard then copy the character from above.

To add the Space character in HTML, you can use HTML code(decimal) or HEX code. Copy the available codes from the Shortcodes table and paste it in your HTML code.

For example: Space Character

The above code will show this result: Space Character

An HEX Code can also display the character in HTML.

You can show Space character using CSS by utilizing CSS shortcode or entity. Use :before or :after to insert symbol before or after an element.


.elementClass:after {
  content: '\0020';