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Hangul Filler (U+3164)

[ㅤ] ㅤ Copy Description It is included in the Unicode’s Hangul Compatibility Jamo block. Hangul Filler Unicode character is classified as a […]

Ideographic Space (U+3000)

[ ]   Copy Description CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) characters use the Ideographic Space Unicode character. Shortcodes Unicode U+3000 HTML

Medium Mathematical Space (U+205F)

[ ]   Copy Description Medium Mathematical Space Unicode character is used in Mathematical formulas. Shortcodes Unicode U+205F HTML Code  

Narrow No-Break Space (U+202F)

[ ]   Copy Description Narrow No-Break Space Unicode character works alike No-Break Space. Shortcodes Unicode U+202F HTML Code   HEX

Hair Space (U+200A)

[ ]   Copy Description The width of the Hair Space Unicode character is even smaller than the thin space character.

Thin Space (U+2009)

[ ]   Copy Description Thin Space Unicode character is one-fifth or can be one-sixth of an em space. Shortcodes Unicode

Punctuation Space (U+2008)

[ ]   Copy Description Punctuation Space Unicode character has a size equal to the width of a period. Shortcodes Unicode

Figure Space (U+2007)

[ ]   Copy Description Figure Space Unicode character has a width equal to the size of a digit. It is

Six-Per-Em Space (U+2006)

[ ]   Copy Description Six-Per-Em Space Unicode character is one-sixth of an em. It is similar to the Thin space.

Four-Per-Em Space (U+2005)

[ ]   Copy Description Four-Per-Em Space Unicode character is also known as Mid space. It is one-fourth of an em

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